Sabado, Mayo 14, 2022

Mother’s Day Block Screening And Fundraising Event 2022 with Mommy Blogger Philippines


Last March 7, 2022 we celebrated Mother's Day in advance. We went to Vertis North Ayala Malls and watched  Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie. 

For this year’s Mother’s Day, Mommy Bloggers Philippines chose to celebrate this milestone of having the freedom (at least within the boundaries of the safety protocols) to see each other and watch a family movie with our kids.

Who would have thought that after two years of being inside our homes because of the pandemic, we will have the courage to go out and see our friends with our loved ones face to face, to mingle and watch a movie together?

We had the opportunity to see one another with our kids and family members and watch Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie.  It turned out that it was the perfect movie to watch with the plot of the movie focused in one of the main character’s quest to be with her children (Wanda/Scarlet Witch) by means of using her evil superpowers and traveling to different universe. This quest entailed battles between forces of good and evil and eventually the mother’s love prevailed. 

Present in the blockscreening event were cosplayers Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch and they hosted the trivia question segment wherein prizes were given to lucky attendees who were able to answer quickly.

Special thanks to all the sponsors of this event as it made the event a great success with all the moms bringing home these gifts, with the good memories of being friends and families, ready for next day’s Mother’s Day celebration.

After watching the movie we went to lunch and also had the time to play different games in time zone. We really made sure that the kids will enjoy the day coz we rarely go to the mall.

Our Mother's day date was indeed a wonderful one! Thank you Mommy Blogger Philippines for having and THank you also to our generous sponsors!

We went home tired but HAPPY! Oh well, I am the happiest because I got a lot of goodies from our sponsors!

Thank you again to our generous sponsors!!! Kakakilig po ang inyong Gifts!


PSAHelpline – Offers Online And Nationwide Delivery of PSA certificates

Chips Delight / Smileys / Sarap Pinoy / Egg Bites (

Cleene/ Rhea Generics / Baby Flo / MentoPas / Apollo Skincare  (Philusa Corporation

Kids Stuff by 
LifeOil  – Food Supplement Malunggay Concentrate in Mango Flavor

KleenSafe offers a wide range of cleaning, hygiene, and sanitation products

Qeeps Food Storage Bags
Endless Beauty by HBS

Tictac (Raffle Prizes)

Orange and Peach products for breastfeeding and child-rearing moms (Raffle Prizes)

Bloomglow PH (Raffle Prizes )

Proceeds of the event will be donated to GMA Kapuso Foundation  for Typhoon Agaton victims.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines was established December 2013. This group was created to gather mothers who blog all over the Philippines but is also open for Filipino bloggers from the rest of the world. 

As of 2022, there are already 600+ members within the community. Most of these members, though belonging to different blogger categories, are active in blogging and social media. This makes Mommy Bloggers Philippines one of the most active blogging communities in the country.

                                                                                                                                                         With so much love, 


Martes, Marso 15, 2022



It's been 2 years sine the pandemic started, low and behold my RTTO date is coming soon! Ready na ba ako? Parang mas masarap na mag work from home nalang no? I'm sure lahat ng mommies na temporarily ng whf ay mgkakaron ng big time SEPANX. Pag nanay ka na mas gusto mong lagi ka lang asa tabi ng mga anak mo, lalo na pag you have babies pa na super clingy!!! 

Sa tagal kong hindi nakapag blog ang dami ko nang naipon na kwento hahaha! Last October I gave birth to my 4th baby Mikael Daniel and he is now 5 months old, fully breastfed at slightly clingy ke Nini pero nasama naman ke Didi at ate.

This is Mikael, Didi and Kuya Kael

To be honest, we do not have any special prepations at home kung papano ang magiging set up pagbalik ko ng office, aside from the need to have more and more stash for Mikael para pag asa office ako meron syang dede sa bahay. 

Ang pusong nanay ko ay ayaw ng bumalik ng opisina pero may part din naman na excited ulit mag office to meet my office friends at para bumenta ng Dyna 😂😂😂.

Sanay naman na si Didi mag alaga ng babies habang asa work ako tapos big help na din si Ate Kyla kasi pati si Mikael inaalagaan nya.

Kayo mommies? What preparations are you making for your RTTO?
Stay safe and Happy!

God Bless us ALL!

These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago ng mg swimming kami sa Antipolo.


Sabado, Hulyo 4, 2020

Happy 14th Birthday Kyla!

   Parang kailan lang tinatago pa kita sa sinapupunan ko.
Parang kailan lang araw araw akong nakapajama para maitago ang paglaki mo.

Parang kailan lang anim na buwan kitang inilihim sa buong mundo.

At parang kailan lang wala pang direksyon ang buhay namin ni didi.

 Proud ako na hindi naging hadlang yung edad namin ni Didi para maitaguyod ka namin. Hindi man marangya ang buhay natin pero maayos at marangal (sobra sobra na yun).

 Ang bilis ng panahon anak! Ang dami na ding nagbago sa buhay natin. Fast forward today. Happy 14th Birthday Michael Danes! Thank you for continiously trying to be better everyday! Salamat kasi kahit may mga oras na tinatamad kang tumulong magluto e sumusunod ka pa din sa utos namin ni Didi. Lagi lang kaming andito para sayo at lahat ng hiling mo unti unti naming ibibigay sayo. Mahal ka namin! Wag matigas ang ulo kasi lahat ng mga nararanasan mo ngayon ay pinagdaanan na namin.

Lagi mong tatandaan na walang magulang ang gugustuhing mapahamak ang anak.

We love you and Happy Birthday again!



Linggo, Oktubre 20, 2019

Lamoiyan Corporation rolls out Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 4

   When you have a girl toddler at home she most likely have had experienced having a lice. My 5 year old Niela has had issues with lisa and kuto for some time. Mawawala sya ng ilang days then meron ulit. Last week I was invited to an event for Licealiz a lice treatment shampoo. I was so happy to be a part of it para mabigyan din ako ng knowlege on how to properly treat them.

Lamoiyan Corporation rolls out Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 4

A student from Silangan Elementary School joined the shampooing activity at the recent Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 4 in Taguig City as part of Licealiz’s nationwide campaign against head lice infestation.

Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo rolls out Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 4, a yearly nationwide shampooing activity in its commitment to battle head lice infestation or pediculosis and eliminate the social stigma associated with it.
In partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd), Lamoiyan Corporation is visiting 30 schools nationwide and targets to shampoo around 6,000 head lice infested students. Sample sachet products will also be distributed within the surrounding communities through this activity.

Contrary to popular belief, the persistent ailment does not only affect children or people who do not practice good hygiene. Through this year’s campaign, Lamoiyan Corporation aims to emphasize that pediculosis can happen to any people regardless of hair length, gender, age, and even social class.

“For the past years, Lamoiyan was able to raise awareness and debunk misconceptions surrounding pediculosis by spreading the correct information. Head lice infestation can occur to anyone and, hopefully, people would start helping affected individuals rather than discriminating because it is a concern that has a solution,” shared Lamoiyan Corporation Marketing Director Ruby Rose Cavestany.

Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 4 has visited different schools across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao where Licealiz held educational talks, fun games, and free shampooing activity.

Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo initiated in 2016 the Kilusang Kontra Kuto, a coalition that has been battling head lice infestation nationwide for a kuto-free Philippines.
Now on its fourth year, Lamoiyan has partnered again with industry leaders such as DepEd, Drugstores Association of the Philippines (DSAP) and Mommy Bloggers Philippines to further spread the correct information about pediculosis and widely reach grass roots level. 

Lamoiyan Corporation is inviting everyone to join their fight against head lice and be part of the Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 4. To know more about the activities of Kilusang Kontra Kuto, visit

Dermatologist Dr. Ria Valdez led the talk about the proper prevention for head lice infestation and debunked several misconceptions surrounding it.

Licealiz also prepared Si Kathy at ang Kutostrophe coloring books for the kids to enjoy during the shampooing activity.

Licealiz team helped a student from Silangan Elementary School in using fine-tooth comb to detach dead lice and nits on her hair minutes after the shampooing.

Members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines NCR joined the Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 4 in Silangan Elementary School together with Lamoiyan Corporation Marketing Director Ruby Rose Cavestany, Licealiz Assistant Brand Manager Cristina Martinez, and Dr. Ria Valdez.


Linggo, Setyembre 15, 2019

An open letter to my Teenager!

To start off

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from mommies and daddies sa facebook about how lucky and proud they are of their children’s achievements. Trending ang mga top 10 students, student awardees at pinaka sa lahat ang mga Report cards! Last week I went to Ate Kyla’s School to get her report card. Advanced mag isip masyado si Ate kaya bago pa ko pumunta sa school sinabi nya na sakin na may isa syang subject na may mababang grade. She got a 75 in Science that made her report card look a little not so nice but for me okay lang yun as long as she will find ways to be better in her succeeding grading periods. Sana mabasa nya tong letter ko and the only way I'll know is if mashare nya tong post ko! Haha! 


Dear Ate,

   Una sa lahat I wanna Thank you for doing your Best at school. I know there are days I don't get to ask you How's School or How are you doing, Sorry Anak hindi sa wala akong pakialam pero minsan I am just to busy trying to make things better for you, for Niela and for kael and for our whole family. I am busy trying to make sure that you all will have a better future.   

  I want you to know that I wasn't mad when I saw your card, siguro kasi sinabi mo na kagad sakin bago ko pa mareceive yung card mo (Good Job niready mo ko :) LOL). I was a bit sad but I am fine anak. Your report card doesn't define you as a person but only defines your learning in a specific amount of time. You can always be better, you still have 3 more gradings to be better. I know that you are a very intelligent girl, syempre mana ka kay Nini haha! Alam kong kayang kaya mong mas maging magaling. Please always remember that attitude is more important than a high average in your report card. A good heart is better than a good report card! 

  Lagi kaming proud ni didi sa lahat ng achievements mo, mula nuon (nuong six months ka palang tas narinig mo kong kumakanta tas pag kakanta ako sasabay ka din ng nasa tono) until now. Your grade in science does'nt make you less of a person but it should make you realize na dapat lahat ng bagay pinaghihirapan. Kung sa english or math ka nagkaron ng lower grade baka nagalit ako kasi we both love those subjects pero hindi ko sinasabing ok lang na forever na mababa ka sa science but please let me know if you need help kasi andito lang ako lagi anak I am willing to do anything and everything for you.

  In times na feeling mo we dont love you na kasi may 2 pang babies please think again kasi kahit kailan hinding hindi mababawasan yung love namin sayo ni didi kahit maging 10 pa kayong magkakapatid! hahaha! Char lang anak! 

  Please always remember that no matter what grades you have mataas mas or mababa we will always love you and we will always be proud of you! I just hope that this grade will challenge you to be at your best this time. Lagi lang kaming nandito ni didi to guide you kahit madalas nasisigawan kita when I'm tired and stressed at nasasabunutan pag sobrang bingi mo na yung tipong 10x na ako nag utos pero hindi ka pa din sumusunod. I'm only one chat or call or text away akhit tulog ako pag may kailangan ka you can always wake me up kasi I have all the time in the world para sa inyo. Oh hanggang dito muna Anak wag ka na umiyak, haha LOVEYOU BABY!!!

                                                                                                                              Love lots
                                                                                                                                  Nini :) 

  Kayo mommies nareceive nyo na din ba report cards ng kids nyo? How was it? How did you react if they got lower grades than usual. You can share your thoughts sa comment box! 

Thanks for reading! Happy Rainy Monday po!


Sabado, Mayo 11, 2019



        Last Holy Week I went on leave for 12 days! Ang haba noh? at nung mga panahong yon simple lang ang pangarap ko sa bahay. Yes, you read it right! PANGARAP sa BAHAY. Ito din yung araw-araw ko hiling at pangarap lol.

Na sana laging malinis ang lababo at walang hugasan.
Na sana maubos ang mga labahin at walang matirang tiklupin.
Na sana laging walang kalat ang sahig at bagong basahan. 
Na sana laging malinis ang hapag kainan. 
Na sana matapos kong linisin ang ref.
Na sana maghapong maayos ang mga laruan.......pero hanggang pangarap lang pala talaga ako! hahaha!! Sa tagal kong nagbakasyon wala namang natupad sa mga pangarap ko o kung meron man wala pang isang oras balik normal sila. hahaha!

These are dreams that most moms would wish everyday pero ako lang ba ang hindi nakaka achieve nitong mga pangarap na to? parang napakahirap abutin at imposibleng matupad :) o well siguro kung meron akong katulong pwede naman pero sadyang hindi ko pa natatagpuan ang matagal ko ng hinahanap na katulong sa bahay  :). 

Importante naman talagang laging malinis ang bahay at paligid pero sadyang may mga araw na hindi ko na alam kung anong uunahin kong gawin. Sad truth is hindi ako talaga mahilig sa mga gawaing bahay LOL. Ako lang b yung nanay na ganito ? Ako lang ba yung tamad na nanay? wag mo naman akong taasan ng kilay haha tamad ako sa gawaing bahay pero hindi ako tamad magtrabaho at negosyo para may pangkain kami sa araw-araw. I'm blessed by God with a significant other who is willing to do anything for me and for the kids mula sa paglilinis ng bahay hanggang sa paglalaba ng damit. Dahil kung parehas kaming tamad sa gawaing bahay mabubulok nalang siguro ang bahay namin lol.

Hindi man natupad tong mga pangarap ko habang nakabakasyong ako ang importante mas nakapag spend ako ng time kay Ate Kyla, Niela at Kael. Time is the most precious gift I could give them. Kasi sa mga susunod na taon pag malalaki na sila for sure kahit gusto pa natin silang isama sa lahat ng lakad natin sila na mismo ang aayaw kasi may mga sarili na silang mundo by then, :)

Ikaw Mamshie, Anong mga pangarap mo sa bahay? Ano yung araw araw mong wish na parang mahirap matupad?

Thanks for droppin by to read my kwentong bahay.

Happy Mother's Day sa lahat ng mga Nanay na paulit ulit naglilinis ng bahay, paulit ulit na naghuhugas ng mga pinagkainan,  paulit ulit nagwawalis at nagbabasahan at paulit ulit na nag aalaga sa mga anak kahit minsan sila ay pasaway!

Cheers to all of us!
God Bless!

Mommy Dane :)

Lunes, Enero 21, 2019

My Million wishes.....

Pag nanay ka na marami ka talagang hiling na kahit minsan imposible na patuloy mo pa ring hihilingin kasi lagi kang umaasa na milagro.

Ang bata ko pang naging Nanay pero hanggang ngayon everytime na may sakit ang isa sa mga anak ko parang 1st time pa din pakiramdam ko. Ang oa ko na ba? Pero ganto talaga ko ee lol. Mas gugustuhin kong maging Oa kesa magsisi ako sa huli.

Ang dami ko ding wish everyday. Ikaw din ba ganito?

Na sana laging healthy si Kyla, Niela at Kael. Matic naman na yata to.

Na sana laging healthy si Mama, papa, mga kapatid ko pamangkin at ang mga byenan ko at mga mahal ko sa buhay.

Na sana dumating yung isang araw na pwde ko ng maalagaan mga anak ko 24/7.

I know just like me maraming nanay na may million wishes din.

It is my everyday wish to  finally be a stay at home mom and just be with my kids 24/7 to watch over them, para maging best nanay sa kanila, para andun ako lagi sa tabi nila anytime na kailangan nila ko, pero wish ko lang yan sa ngayon dahil marami pa kaming kailangang ayusin para mangyari yan.

At isa pang malaking sana ko.. na sana sa mga panahong wala ako sa tabi nyo para ihele kayo pag inaantok kayo o kaya ipagtimpla kayo ng gatas pag nagugutom kayo o kaya pag need nyo ng katulong sa assignments nyo sa sa school sana hindi sumagi sa isip nyo kahit isang beses na walang kwentang Mommy si Nini. Sadyang may mga pagkakataon lang na kahit gusto kong gawin lahat yan para sa inyo ee antok at pagod na si nini sa work or kakaluto ng mga orders ng dynamite at mga pasta sa bilao.

Kasi niisip ko lagi na sana makaipon na kami ni Didi ng mas marami para maging big time na yung business natin tas pwde na kami mag stop mag work at mg focus sa business para mas mabantayan namin kayo pero sa panahon ngayon wish muna namin yun. Kaya nga madalas kahit pwde namang wag na ko mag accept ng orders go pa din para sa future nyong 3. Laban lang tayo! Sorry pag nagiging monster mom ako sa inyo pag pagod na ko. Ang kukulit nyo naman kasi mahirap mag alaga sa inyo habang natutulog ako. Lol! Kahit na masungit ako minsan Promise pinakalove ko kayo.

Isa din sa mga sana ko at lagi kong pinagdadasal na Sana magkaron ako ng power to protect you from any harmful sickness kasi talagang na iistress ako sa twing may sakit kayo.   Kung nahihirapan kasi kayo mas doble yung hirap at sakit para samin ni Didi.

Kagaya nalang last sunday night, we rushed Niela to the Er kasi ng nonosebleed sya at mataas ang lagnat e twice na si Niela na magka dengue so talagang natakot ako at sabi ko Lord sana po hindi dengue kasi tong mga nakaraang araw at buwan talagang harmful dengue cases. It scares me so much. Lumalabas pagka OA ko sa mga sitwasyong ganito.

While waiting for her lab results 

It was past 4am when the doctor informed us na negative naman sya sa dengue ayun nawala yung malaking bato na parang nkadagan sakin. Viral infection lang daw kasi okay results ng lahat ng lab.

Mas nalungkot ako kasi may dance presentation sa school si Niela at ilang araw na syang sinasamahan ni Didi na magpractice ng sayaw. Effort pa nga si Didi sa pagvideo sa kanya kasi 1st time myang pumayag na sumali sa presentation dahil napakamahiyaing bata. Ang ending hindi rin nakasayaw at mataas pa din fever at masakit daw ulo nya.

Up until today she is sick kaya mamayang onti balik kami sa pedia to make sure na ok lang sya.

Sana gumaling na sya kagad para hindi na ko magwoworry habang asa work ako. Sana mas maging okay na sya.

This is one of the most painful part of being a nanay noh..  yung tipong gusto mong asa tabi ka lang nya but you cant kasi nga need mo magwork. Wag mo kong ijudge habang binabasa mo to lol. Mayat maya ko naman syang chinecheck to make sure she is okay.

Haist.. Sana lahat ng wishes ko matupad na. Most especially na gumaling na si niela. Pagdasal mo din fast recovery nya ah..

Salamat sa time...

Mommy Dane 😃😃😃

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